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Here’s a man who is extremely proud of his trailer that he built himself. Within an hour of the start of our trip, we ran into him and his wife at a look-out near Mt. Shasta. We loved the look of the outside of it so we asked if he could tell us about it and take a photo with it. He was so proud to open it all up and show us what he had made and how they live on the road. He couldn’t let us leave without showing us the photo of him and his wife he kept in it, and showing us it’s name, “Golden days dream” his wife had named it. If anybody knows this fella, I would love to get him prints of the photos we took that day. I would really appreciate it!Substance of the west, 2013
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"You don’t remember your name?""No, but for some reason I remember yours."
Spirited Away (2001)


they erased my writing :(

stop writing shit like this in public places and making someone’s job harder because they have to clean up after your crusty existential crisis havin ass